New Study Suggests Link Between PPI Use and Increased Risk of Dementia

New study finds that regular PPI users ( having at least 1 PPI prescription in each quarter of an 18-month interval) had a 44% increased risk of dementia compared with those who did not use PPIs. 

author does acknowledge that further research is needed to verify connections

I’m thinking… could there be cofounders? The people could be using other meds at the same time or participants may normally still develop dementia regardless of whether they take PPI or not. The link just seems strange to me. Definitely need to take a look at the actual study.

Another study finds that PPI is associated with 20-50% increased risk of developing CKD.

review pt-PPI can elevate intragastric pH which can reduce drug solubility and decrease bioavailability of a number of medications. 

example: PPI causes 50% reduction of systemic clearance of diazepam and phenytoin

example: PPI interacts with antiretroviral therapy causing less drug exposure for HIV patients.

Original article from contemporary clinic here